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July Gardening Tips From Red Barn Garden Center

Pride Of Barbados

We have been fortunate enough to receive some rain this spring which has caused an ample number of lawn problems. Check your lawn for grubs, fleas, fire ants and other pests that are below the surface.

These pests can eat the roots of your lawn, making it weak and bare. Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic round worms that feed on larvae of fleas, ticks, grubs, fire ant larvae, among other underground pests. They travel by water and a regular watering schedule must be maintained. Beneficial Nematodes usually last about three years or until the food source is gone. Let a Red Barn Associate show you how to go organic with Beneficial Nematodes.

Grass needs sun to grow.  Prune the lower branches of the trees to let ample light in for lush lawns.  Call an arborist for those hard to reach high branches.

Maintain a regular watering schedule.  Most of our so-called rains do not even penetrate the surface.  So that means you need to deep water those trees, shrubs and give your lawn adequate water.  Your lawn will tell you by turning a dull color.  Don’t wait water!

Use a nice layer of mulch for water retention to save water and $.  Go Green with Red Barn

Wow! You should see our summer perennials such as Esperanza, Perennial Hibiscus, Knock out Roses, Pride of Barbados, Lantana, and Plumbago just jump into growth and color.  These plants love the sun and heat!  Red Barn Garden Center has an extensive Perennial Department with hundreds of options for your landscape.

BUGS ARE ABUNDANT THIS YEAR!  We can help you with your spider mites, mealy bugs, and other insect problems the organic way.

Red Barn also carries Ladybugs to feast on your aphids.

MOSQUITOES ARE SWARMING!!!!!!  We have dunks and granules for standing water and other damp areas.  We also carry Mosquito Beater and other products to help you enjoy the outdoors in comfort.  Be Mosquito SAFE. ASK US!!!!

Don’t be afraid to give certain shrubs and perennials a haircut if needed.  They will appreciate it and grow beautiful new foliage. 

Watch for black spot, or powdery mildew on Roses, Shrubs, Lawns and Crape Myrtles.  Use Actinovate, or Organicide (an organic Systemic Fungicide) for most lawn and other fungus problems and Serenade for the powdery mildew.  Red Barn carries a variety for you.

Yum!!! Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, Squash, Mints, as well as other herbs, Fruit can still be producing if you maintain them and fertilize.   Some veggies such as Tomatoes may need a shade cloth for the heat.  You can plant Cantaloupe, Okra, and Pumpkins for fall crop in addition to Tomatoes and Peppers (soon).  We have the answers and the plants or seeds for you. Happy Harvest!!!!

Red Barn Garden Center is always here to serve you with a friendly smile.  We appreciate you and your patronage.  Red Barn is locally owned and operated.  We are always here to help.  Come see us today!