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October Gardening Tips From Red Barn Garden Center


Red Barn Garden Center

Fall is the ideal time to plant trees, shrubs, and fruit trees too. Roots have time to establish before next summer’s heat and the plant will be subject to less stress if planted at this time of year. Regular watering is still required for the survival and growth. No sprinkler system will put down enough water for a newly planted shrub or tree. Hand watering is a must to reach the complete root system. Mulch your beds and around trees for moisture retention and winter protection. Do not forget to water often when dry weather is upon us.

Fall lawn care is very important. Ladybug Fertilizer (8-2-4),Micro Life Fertilizer (6-2-4),and Medina Fertilizer (4-2-3), are organic options for fall fertilization. This is the time to put down a pre-emergent. Corn Gluten can be used as an organic pre-emergent weed control in lawns. If applied now, it will prevent winter annual weeds from emerging for 90 days. The nitrogen in Corn Gluten Meal also provides a small amount of fertilizer for the lawn. Other pre-emergent products are available. Top Dressing your lawn with a ¼ to ½ inch layer of compost is recommended to ad nutrients and strengthens your soil and lawn. Ask one of our knowledgeable associates for a recommendation.

Create a beautiful bed or container with fall blooming Annuals. Choose from:
Pansies – bloom all fall, winter, and early spring. Pansies love blood meal.
Violas – blooms fall through spring. Violas perform well in Texas heat.
Mums – great fall color. Mums love bone meal.
Marigolds – longer bloom period than Mums, but available in same colors
Dianthus – some will bloom all winter if weather not severe
Lobelia – gorgeous blue color, prefers cool weather
Alyssum – extremely fragrant – survives winter unless hard freeze
Snapdragons – plant now for earliest spring bloom
Petunias – light-frost tolerant
Ornamental Cabbage and Kale – Keeps going all season.
Swiss Chard – Keeps great color all season
Calendula - Great all season color.
Cyclamen – Beautiful Winter Shade color.

Don't forget to fertilize at least once a month to keep them blooming and beautiful. Rose Glo or Hasta Grow

Get your fall vegetable garden going if you don't already have one now is the time to plant Edible Kale, Broccoli, Collards, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Chives, and more. Red Barn carries a great variety vegetables and herbs. Onion sets will be here mid to late November. Drop by and get a planting guide or more information.

October is also time to plant Bluebonnet seeds and Wildflower Seeds for beautiful spring color.

If you have any other further gardening needs or questions, please visit Red Barn Garden Center at 690A North Bagdad Rd., Leander, TX. 78641 (Behind Enchanted Rock) or call 512-335-8093 and let one of our experienced nursery professionals help you. We appreciate your business. We are locally owned and operated. Red Barn Garden Center: Leander Proud/Texas Friendly!